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Portland DUI Attorney

Portland Oregon DUI Attorney

You cannot do better than to get an experienced Portland DUI attorney who knows first hand both sides of the DUI law. Portland Oregon DUI Attorney Shanon Gray has experience in Portland law enforcement, in an Oregon District Attorneys office, DUI and DUII, Intake, Diversion, as well as having an outstanding record as an Oregon DUI, DUII, DWI, and criminal defense attorney. For any Portland Oregon DUI issues, call Attorney Shanon Gray today for a free consultation.
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Portland Oregon DUI Attorney | Shanon Gray

Portland DUI Attorney

Portland Oregon DUI Attorney

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The Importance of an experienced Portland Oregon DUI Attorney

Portland Oregon DUI laws are strict, and any DUI (Driving Under The Influence), DWI (Driving while intoxicated) or other drunk driving or impaired driving offenses can have an extreme impact on a person's life. In Portland Oregon, a DUI can effect a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle, or get a job, not to mention their finances. It is extremely important to have an experienced Oregon DUI lawyer to help you understand your rights, options and potential consequences of any further actions prior to taking any action.

Don't take your chances with any DUI, DWI or DUII charge in an Oregon courtroom on your own. Get the best legal representation you can from Portland Oregon DUI Attorney Shanon Gray, a Portland DUI Attorney who has experience prosecuting Oregon DUI cases, and knows both sides of the Oregon courtroom inside and out. Portland Oregon DUI Attorney Shanon Gray will not only give you the best advice on your DUI case relating to any plea agreements, arguing for your rights in your DUI case, and if necessary litigating as your DUI attorney in a trial. He knows all the Portland Oregon DUI laws, your rights, what to expect from the Oregon DUI prosecutors office, and will fight for you. From getting your DUI case thrown out, to getting the best results in a DUI plea, or a DUI trial decided in your favor, DUI Attorney Shanon Gray is the best DUI attorney you can get in Portland Oregon.